Frequently asked questions

  1. Do you accept TV sets? Yes.
  2. Do you do commercial pickup? Yes. Contact us via the commercial pickup request form

  3. Do you do residential pickups? Yes. Within a certain graphical area, we can pick up your recyclables. You are also welcome to drop in to our Woodinville location during opening hours. 

  4. Do you take stereo equipment?. Yes. Fees may apply.

  5. Will someone at your site help me unload my gear? Because of this pesky situation, we ask that everyone take their equipment out of their own vehicle. We will take it from there. We may have a cart available to assist you, and things are becoming more relaxed as the pandemic situation improves. If you have something large, you might consider taking someone with you to help get it out of your vehicle and on to our sidewalk.

  6. Why is there a fee for light bulbs? The WA State lightcycle program has had funding issues and no longer allows small companies to recycle bulbs for free. We must transport the bulbs to Kent, WA, and pay a fee to recycle. 



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